• Europe’s largest education market of 2.9 million students.


  • Largest economy in the EU - EUR4 trillion GDP (2019).


  • Record 3.1% unemployment rate half of the EU average.

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The Germany Investor Guide


Buying property in Germany can appear to be a complicated process.


In an effort to simplify the process, IP Global has produced a guide to the logistics of investing in German property.


It covers all the necessary legal, tax and notarisation matters as well as the relevant acquisition and operating costs. Furthermore, you can expect guidance on the process of arranging mortgage finance as well as key information on lettings and management.


Why invest in Germany property?


  • Not only the largest economy in Europe and fourth-largest worldwide, Germany bodes well for a stable rental market with an unemployment rate of 3.1% -while the EU average currently sits at over 6%.

  • It is estimated that 83.5 million people will be living in Germany by the end of 2020, mounting more pressure on the already strained housing stock in the key cities.

  • The buoyant domestic economy has led to private household wealth increasing by 40% to over EUR3,800 billion since 2009, with property asset growth largely paralleling that of financial assets.



Germany Economy


Germany maintains its position as a safe haven for international capital. Sentiment remains positive for 2020 despite uncertainty internationally thanks to the robust labour market and increasing domestic consumption.

With four top-10 European cities for real estate investment being in Germany, investor confidence and demand remains high. In 2019, a total of EUR88 billion was invested in commercial and residential real estate across Germany, an increase of 8% on 2018.






 Germany is Europe's largest economy with a GDP of EUR4 trillion as of 2019. On top of safe title deeds and no capital gains tax after 10 years, Germany is primed for a highly unique real estate investment opportunity.





It is estimated 83.5 million people will be living in Germany by the end of 2020, with over 1 million more units needed to close the supply gap.





Germany has a record breaking unemployment rate of 7.8%. The technology start-up sector alone has drawn over EUR4.1 billion in venture capital in 2019.



Where to invest in Germany




Berlin operates as Germany’s centre for government, technology, education and culture. Boasting a well developed infrastructure, faster growing office workforce than London or Paris, and strong economic growth, the city presents a striking investment case.

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Leipzig is home to Germany’s second oldest university, as well as 6 universities of applied sciences and 12 other higher education institutions. A close relationship between the research, technology and energy spheres provides Leipzig a competitive advantage both in Germany and beyond.

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