PWC's 2nd European City for Investment 2020

6 million people living in Berlin-Brandenburg

86k housing unit deficit as of July 2019

420k new jobs created since 2009 (+40%)

Employment is focused on high growth industries, with 40% of German start-ups located in Berlin

Find out about our latest investment in the city with the third highest prime market capital appreciation of H1, 2020.



3 Reasons to Invest In Berlin in 2020


  • Robust population growth continues to fuel a strong rental market.

    Berlin, the once-divided capital is now a leading world city for politics, science, media, technology, education and culture. While already the most populous city in the EU, it is expected to rise above and beyond the 4 million mark in the next decade.

  • The diverse and robust economy is underpinned by job growth in future oriented technology-based sectors.

    More than 420,000 new jobs were created in Berlin since 2009, with almost 50% created in the technology-based, knowledge-intensive business services sector. Due to the high calibre new job creation, Berlin incomes grew by 34% between 2009 and 2017, a higher growth rate than in most other German regions, revealing the scale and underpinning the city’s transformation.


  • Berlin's undersupplied housing market shows great investment prospects.

The city’s prime market located in the districts of Mitte and Charlottenburg was one of only three global cities in Europe which experienced capital appreciation (3.1%) in the first half of 2020 due to the robust structural factors underpinning the market.



Germany Real Estate Investment Snapshot

Germany maintains its position as a safe haven for international capital. Sentiment remains positive for 2020 despite uncertainty internationally thanks to the robust labour market and increasing domestic consumption.






No1 largest in Europe






84 million people by 2030




Housing Deficit


1 million as of 2020


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