UK Property Investment Opportunities

  • Home to one of Europe’s largest real estate markets, over the past ten years the United Kingdom has consistently offered our investors a strong investment case and returns.

  • UK property prices continue to rise, with the country’s average house price in 2018 being GBP226,906 – a 3.9% increase on 2017 figures and nearly 6.6% higher than at the time of the EU referendum.

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Where in the UK should you invest in property?

A number of key investment hot spots continue to exceed expectations and lead the UK property market: 



One of the world’s leading capitals, London’s property market receives consistent demand from both local and international investors, attracted by its prestige and stability.



Known as the UK's youngest and fastest growing regional city, this West Midlands powerhouse is attracting investors in large numbers as it revitalises its city centre.



Having benefited from a significant amount of regeneration and investment over the past several years, Manchester is now one of the country's most important cities for job prospects and property investment.


Why invest in London Property?

Why Invest in German Property?

The city’s stable infrastructure, leading institutions and consistent property demand continues to attract investors. 

Over the next five years Central London house prices are forecast to grow 15.3% and the city is set to experience the highest rise in rental prices, with a 18.4% increase expected by 2023, demonstrating that London’s investment case remains strong.


Why Invest in Manchester Property?



Manchester is identified by overseas investors as a source of strong investment opportunity, and major strategic development only increases interest.  

The birthplace of the modern industrial world, in recent years the city has diversified beyond its historic moniker of 'Warehouse City' to become the beating heart of the Northern Powerhouse.


Why Invest in Birmingham Property?




This vibrant, cosmopolitan city has experienced rapid growth in recent years, fueling increased investment potential and attention.

Set to welcome 170,000 new residents by 2039, Birmingham house prices are forecast to rise by 15% between 2019-2023.

Asset 1-2

Where to Invest Now


Regent plaza better version

Regent Plaza


Manchester, United Kingdom

From GBP 175,000 - 406,000



  Lucent Square1

Lucent Square


Leeds, United Kingdom

From GBP 145,000 - 251,000




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