UK Property Investment Opportunities


Home to one of Europe’s largest real estate markets, over the past 10 years the United Kingdom has consistently offered our investors a strong investment case and returns. 

With an extensive under-supply of housing and the gap only set to widen, buy-to-let investors face strong capital growth prospects.

Average supply levels were 160,000 per annum over the last decade, while new statistics show 300,000 new homes are needed per annum to meet demand.


Essentially, the UK needs 47% more housing completions per annum than ever previously achieved.

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Our UK Track Record


A number of IP Global's investment hot spots continue to exceed expectations and lead the UK property market: 






One of the world’s leading capital cities, London has been a mecca of investment for IP Global's clients since 2009. As an iconic city of prestige and a safe haven for investment, we have launched 71 projects, of which 69 have already successfully reached completion.


We've invested USD1,325,583,696 in total property values across the 1971 units.






Known as the UK's youngest and fastest growing regional city, this West Midlands powerhouse is showing strong price growth prospects as a direct route to London shortens to 39 minutes. To date, IP Global has launched 4 projects, with 2 completed and 2 under construction.


Our investment value totals USD71,725,005 across the 243 units.






Having benefited from a significant amount of regeneration and investment over the past several years, Manchester is now one of the country's most important cities for job prospects and property investment. IP Global has launched 9 projects in the city, of which 6 are completed and 3 under construction.


To date, our total investment value is USD236,383,053 across the 759 units.


Why invest in London Property?



The city’s stable infrastructure, leading institutions and consistent property demand continues to attract investors, despite unprecedented circumstances. 


After a crisis, more people look to find secure job markets and hone in on leading capital cities like London. Decreasing owner-occupier rates in times of uncertainty further add to the demand for rental.


This growing demand coupled with an incredibly low base rate of 0.1% set by The Bank of England to encourage borrowing prime London for buy-to-let investors in 2020.

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Why Invest in Manchester Property?



Manchester is identified by overseas investors as a source of strong investment opportunity, and major strategic development only increases interest.  


The birthplace of the modern industrial world, in recent years the city has diversified beyond its historic moniker of 'Warehouse City' to become the beating heart of the Northern Powerhouse.


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Why Invest in Birmingham Property?




This vibrant, cosmopolitan city has experienced rapid growth in recent years, fueling increased investment potential.


Set to welcome 170,000 new residents by 2039, Birmingham house prices are forecast to rise by 16.5% between 2019-2023 according to recent data released in 2020.


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Track Record




From its location at the centre of Bromley town, opposite the main commuter station, St Mark’s Square offers uniquely high-quality living at the heart of a beautifully landscaped leisure and restaurant quarter. A mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments are arranged in clusters of five or six per floor across the five main cores of the development. The apartments enjoy views across the borough, as well as outdoor space in the form of balconies and terraces.




Part of an extensive regeneration programme revitalising central Ilford, the striking design of Horizon delivers a new landmark for this growing part of outer London. Horizon’s striking design concept is inspired by Ilford’s unique place in the history of photography and telecommunications.

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