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Your Guide to Investing in the UK

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Investing in a foreign country has its challenges and the UK is no exception. At IP Global, we simplify the process for you -which is why we have developed The Investor Guide series, to navigate you through to completion.

Our UK Investor Guide covers all the necessary legal and tax matters as well as the relevant acquisition and operating costs. Furthermore, you can expect guidance on the process of arranging mortgage finance as well as key information on lettings and management.


Why invest in UK Real Estate?



Home to one of Europe’s largest real estate markets, over the past 10 years the United Kingdom has consistently offered our investors a strong investment case and returns.

With an extensive under-supply of housing and the gap only set to widen, buy-to-let investors face strong capital growth prospects.

Average supply levels over the past decade have been 172,000 properties p.a. Supply levels would have to increase by 24%-43% per annum to meet the 340,000-p.a. target called for by the National Housing Federation.

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GDP | USD2.8 trillion




Population | 66.8 million




Housing Deficit 

Breaking News: Tax Charge Update on non-UK resident Investments


The UK is, indisputably, a world-renown hotspot for foreign investment. As a country that continues to lead many industries, it is hardly surprising that the demand for housing shows growth despite the global economic slowdown.

Investor confidence here is anything but fickle. The very year the Brexit vote occurred; Britain hit a record high for foreign direct investment. The net value jumped from £25.3 billion in 2015 to a staggering £145.6 billion in 2016 - the largest yearly value recorded in a decade (Reuters, 2017).

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Track Record in the UK


We get it. You need to be careful where you put your money, now more than ever. Times like these re-establish why our chosen asset class is property. It has tangible value combined with a stable demand for as long as people need shelter.

But not all real estate investments offer security. If you come across an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. With a brief track record, it’s easy for firms to claim perfection.

IP Global has 15 years of expertise investing over $3 billion across 28 markets for our clients. We have on average achieved 105% of our rental estimates upon completion and have helped arrange over 5000 mortgages globally since 2005.

Since 2009, IP Global has successfully invested over £1.243 billion in UK real estate and continues to look for opportunities in this highly sought-after market.

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