Glasgow: An Award-Winning City


#1 UK Tech City in CBREs 2019 Tech Cities Report, after London
#1 ‘large European city of the future for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy’ according to The Financial Times’ fDi Magazine
#1 UK Core City for producing the highest number of Financial and Business Services graduates
#1 UK Core City for producing the highest number of Digital Technology students and graduates (Computer Science and Mathematics)

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Glasgow's Investment Case For Real Estate


As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a leading destination for economic output. With a 2019 GVA of £20 billion, Glasgow produces approximately 14% of all Scottish output and is home to 28% of all Scottish companies providing a third of the country’s jobs.




Glasgow Metropolitan Area is expected to grow at the same rate as the iconic cities of New York, Los Angeles and Paris. A statement underpinned by a projected increase of 175,000 people to the current 1.7 million inhabitants over the next 15 years.




As a testament to the thriving Glasgow economy, the unemployment rate has fallen from its 11.9% high in 2012/2013 to 4.7% -a drop of 7.2% in only 6 years. With a focus on high-growth industries, career prospects and job security are high. 



House prices are on average almost £100,000 cheaper than Edinburgh. While price growth in Glasgow is forecast to be a strong 15.4% and rental growth 13.7% over the next 5-year period, despite global trepidation. 


Why invest in Scotland?


Scotland has long been famed for its resilience in the face of adversity and this reputation extends to its economy. In the past two decades, Scotland has shown positive GDP growth, mimicking the trend of the Greater UK.

Traditionally Scotland’s economy was industry dominated, particularly in ship-building, coal-mining and steel.
Since the decline of heavy manufacturing, the economy is moving
towards knowledge-based and service-oriented industries.

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A Strong Economy Directed to High-Growth Industries


Despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the estimated nominal GDP in 2018 was £170 billion and has continued to grow throughout 2019 by 0.7%. The first estimate for Q4, released in March 2020, was stronger than the UK as a whole.




A Buoyant Job Market With Low Unemployment


Scotland has come a long way in the past decade from an unemployment rate of 8.8% in 2010 to a rate of 3.5% in 2020, which is below the UK national average.




Heavy Foreign Direct Investment


According to the EY Scotland Attractiveness Survey, Scotland came second only to London
in the number of new fDi projects. The top three sectors generating the highest levels of inward investment for Scotland are digital, business services and manufacturing.


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Find Out The 8 Reasons We’re Investing In Glasgow


Glasgow is not only an academic and cultural hub in Scotland but also the economic powerhouse of the country. Explore the 8 reasons we’re investing in this buzzing metropolis below:

Over the past 30 years, Glasgow has reinvented itself into a thriving, metropolitan city continuing to transform its economy from heavy industry to a knowledge-based, technological hub...


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