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Understanding the Property World Post COVID-19

It's not an easy task. Our researchers have poured hours into understanding the market reactions to COVID-19. And it's starting to pay off.

Our Latest Update

Episode 3: Is Berlin Property A Stronghold Against COVID-19?

Watch how Berlin's property investment landscape will change post COVID-19. 

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Episode 2: Brexit, COVID-19 -what’s next for London?

Listen to the opportunities and drawbacks within the property market going forward.

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Each week we'll be releasing episodes as part of our 'What's Next?' series, exploring the uncharted waters of property markets in 2020. Stay tuned to find out more.

Episode 1: The Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19 share fewer similarities than you thought. Listen to IP Global's Chairman, Tim Murphy, compare the two below.

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Our Latest Webinars

Webinar | UK Lettings Market and Property Management Update

We have invited four UK lettings and management experts from Complete Prime Residential, our sister company, to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the London and UK regional cities' lettings markets. They will also share an overview of how they are supporting their clients during this difficult and uncertain period.

What you expect to get out of the webinar?

- The impact of COVID-19 on London and the UK regional cities' (Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and York) lettings markets.

- An overview of what Complete is offering to support their clients.

- A question and answer session with our UK lettings and management experts.

Portuguese Property Market Investment and Citizenship Q&A

With Portugal’s property market having remained stable during the COVID-19 outbreak, IP Global would like to invite you to a webinar session where we will give insights into what makes the market resilient and what the future should hold. Also, with increased interest in markets that offer stability, we have invited RIF Trust to offer updates on the Golden Visa program and then answer any questions attendees may have linked to this.

What can you expect from this webinar?

- What is the latest news on the Portuguese property market?
- How has the mortgage market reacted to COVID-19?
- What is happening in the letting market?
- Golden Visa Updates and Process
- Opportunities linked to the current situation
- Full question and answer session

Webinar | Q&A Session Featuring COVID-19 Update on German Property Investment

The success of our previous webinar on German property investment has proven a considerable amount of interest in Germany. We received many meaningful, informative questions following the webinar. Hence, we have decided to host a special Q&A session for German property investment plus an update on COVID-19 with IP Global Investment Manager for Germany.

What you expect to get out of the webinar?

- Update on COVID-19 and German property market
- The long-term value we see in Germany
- Live Q&A session with IP Global Investment Manager for Germany

It's All in the Detail

  • Research


    Every IP Global opportunity comes backed by the assurance of a methodically researched investment case, one that is strong enough to convince our Investment team that we should make our own financial commitment. Our comprehensive analysis and due diligence process involves researching the market, the developers, the area and the financials and as you would expect from our end-to-end approach spans the entire project life-cycle.
  • Consultancy


    Our specialist team of consultants is our most direct link to you, our investors. Each of these investment professionals has a deep understanding of every one of our opportunities and an up-to-date appreciation of all the markets in which we operate. With a focus on building close, long-term relationships, they'll offer carefully considered advice and guidance tailored to fit your specific investment goals.
  • Morgages


    Leveraging greatly increases the potential returns your investment can achieve. Given our commitment to helping investors make the very most of their capital, a vital part of our end-to-end proposition is our capacity to connect you with mortgage financing on the best terms available for your situation, wherever in the world you are and wherever you're investing.
  • LettingManagement

    Lettings & Management

    One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of owning an international real estate portfolio is the ongoing management of your investments. Pricing, tenanting, maintenance and legal obligations; investing through IP Global means all of this can be covered because of the end-to-end commitment we make to you.

Our Team of Experts

  • Tim Murphy

    - Chairman of IP Global
    With over 20 years of experience building profitable property investment portfolios, Tim is the cornerstone of IP Global. He founded the firm with a simple philosophy: to only sell properties that he's confident putting his own money into. This is now the basis of the company’s unique underwrite business model. By making a financial commitment for the majority, if not the entirety, of the property development, clients have the reassurance that whatever IP Global presents is something we firmly and demonstrably believe in.
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