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As we enter a new decade, much has been discussed in investment circles about the sky high value of equities, Brexit and further conflict in the Middle East putting upward pressure on oil prices.

Most are agreed on one point – that interest rates are likely to stay low for the foreseeable future in many Western economies.

As a result there is still an opportunity for carefully thought out property investments to add diversity to a portfolio with potential currency upside in some markets.

Jonathan Gordon
Director, Wealth Management, Hong Kong

We have finally seen some good news on Brexit! 

Political uncertainty was the key reason for investors holding off making UK investments in 2019. 

Boris Johnson's thumping UK election win was the best result investors could have expected to restore investor confidence in the UK property market.

The money on the sidelines will now start flooding into the London and regional UK  market from overseas and no doubt provide a spike in pricing – already early in 2020, there have been a number of big transactions in London going through and its only 14th Jan!

It could be quite a year!

Grant Reynolds
Director, Wealth Management, Hong Kong

Once the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is removed we’ll see a rebound in London residential pricing as investors who have been waiting on the sidelines start to come into the market.

Additionally, the historically low interest rates coupled with low supply levels we are seeing in the EU zone has resulted in many of the tier 1 cities, particularly within Germany, outperforming almost all other developed property markets.

Personally, I see this low interest rate environment as a massive opportunity for investors.

Darren Mellis
Director, Wealth Management, Hong Kong

I believe 2020 will see plenty of property value growth in the smaller, nimble growing cities across Europe. The rise of 2nd tier cities was evident in 2019 and I believe this trend is set to continue.  

William Page
Director, Wealth Management, Dubai

For the first time in almost three years, the landslide victory for the conservative party last month is bringing an air of confidence back to British politics and the real estate market. Many home owners looking to upgrade and investors are now taking a keen interest once again. Central London has experienced some price correction in recent years making it a great opportunity for those with the budget to enter the market.

With a very favourable exchange rate, 2020 could be one of the best times in years to enter the UK property market. Investors might be kicking themselves by next year if they have not taken advantage of these unique conditions.

I am available for a consultation to help you grow your wealth; contact me at richard.lowe@ipgloabl-ltd.com or call +65 91144865.

Richard Lowe
Director, Wealth Management, Singapore

After years of political stalemate, following the recent UK General Election, the conservatives now have a majority government bringing much needed certainty and direction over beloved Brexit! This has brought renewed confidence to the UK property market and coupled with a relatively weak sterling, I expect to see a significant increase in activity in 2020.

Crossrail is almost here and HS2 is building momentum, only adding to the robust investment case for key regional UK cities, especially Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

On the continent, Berlin is still a great buy provided you can find value, but Leipzig is the standout German city for 2020.

Lisbon is also flying but for those that may think the ship has sailed, then I recommend looking at Porto!  

George Radford
Regional Director, Wealth Management, UK and Africa

With added certainty in the UK political situation and early indications that London’s property market is showing signs of growth again, opportunity abounds for USD based/pegged investors in the UK in 2020.

Regional UK cities continue to perform well providing higher yield options but given price drop-offs in London over the last 3 years it is possible to find value again in the South East.

In mainland Europe, Portugal and Germany continue to be a great shout with Berlin and cities like Leipzig or Porto offering excellent growth stories moving forward.

Richard Bradstock
Regional Director, Wealth Management, UAE



Investment Perspective 2020

Explore I Why invest in emerging property markets in 2020?


Emerging markets offer exciting opportunities for investors! Whether a previously ‘undiscovered’ city or a new investment market, they offer the opportunity for strong price growth and attractive rental returns.

Emerging markets should have strong economic growth potential, falling unemployment rates and a burgeoning middle class to drive the demand for new residential development.

Lee Ashley
Chief Operating Officer

Explore I Why invest in emerging property markets in 2020?


As yields continue to be squeezed in core residential markets, many investors are now focusing their attention on upcoming and emerging markets.

These markets can benefit from higher GDP growth, growing employment rates and rapid urbanisation -all which are fuelling demand for new residential property. With typically lower price points and increasing rental prices, yields in these markets drive demand from foreign investors.

Sarah Morphet
Head of Research, New Markets and Compliance

Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate


Whether you’re planning for retirement, saving for your children’s education, or looking to earn long-term passive income, it is vital that your investment strategy is aligned with your needs and budget. Investing in real estate can be very profitable when after in-depth research and due diligence you identify a property with a solid investment case and potential for high levels of future capital and rental appreciation.


Investors enjoy many tax advantages along with the ability to obtain leverage, and the overall diversification benefit that real estate brings to an investment portfolio.

Eoin Carroll
Investment Manager

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